Back again doing match reports! Mine are way better than Ellie’s so everyone’s in for a treat this evening.

Started off bright and early today. All meeting up at Portishead ready for our first ever tournament. This tournament the girls did so well and played in numerous positions and never stopped trying their best. We had today Abbie, Niamh, Susie, Eleanor, Isla, Zoe, Rosie, Sophie and finally making her first ever debut Lexie! Unfortunately we couldn’t take everyone as we could only take 9, but we have a game tomorrow afternoon!

On to the important part game time. We first played Bradley Stoke. Starting off with Abbie in goal as usual (safest hands in the South West!). In front of her Niamh and Susie. In the middle of the park we had our captain Isla, Zoe and Rosie trying out for a left/right wing spot! Followed by today’s star striker Sophie. Great passing from the girls and really pinning back Bradley Stoke – who barely had a sniff at goal. Pass fizzed into Isla with an amazing touch. Isla turned then was through in on goal with an amazing dummy to send the Bradley Stoke goalie the wrong way so she can slot it in to an empty net. Straight after Rosie intercepted the ball and played a first time pass to Zoe who was in space and running on to the ball and nothing the goalie could do. Finally, it was Lexie’s turn to make her debut and she was really up for it. Working really hard and closing down and applying immense pressure on the Bradley Stoke defence. We saw Eleanor come on in the heart of midfield. Great interchanging play a pass from Lexie to Sophie and then to Eleanor who was running through in on goal with a powerful shot but the goalie was equal to it! (Was a really good chance). Lexie from the wide providing amazing crosses into the box like prime Beckham unfortunately no one in the box to snatch at the chance. Finally we saw another change seeing Susie moving into midfield. We had a cross and it gave Isla a chance to swing one in and it fell to Susie who tapped it in to seal the win. (Susie has won it!! Sorry another United pun from the 99 treble winning side). Susie’s first goal of the season and hopefully many more to come! Barely spoke about the defence as they literally stopped everything. Niamh showing a lovely defensive performance winning the ball, playing passes out from the back and dealing with the long ball as the ground was making the ball bounce a lot! Same with Eleanor and Susie who were not troubled at all for the whole game. 3-0 win to BLU! (First ever tournament win).

Onto the next game which was slightly more frustrating for the goals. Felt like we had all the better chances but they were not falling to us. Had many good shots from Rosie, Lexie and Sophie. Still cannot fault the defenders we were solid at the back with Susie and Niamh. Both which are miles better than Maguire. One of them should’ve got a call up from Southgate instead in my opinion! Goal soon came to us from an amazing goal kick from Abbie, matched by Sophie’s lovely touch to control the ball who saw Isla’s run in behind the defender. Lovely weighted pass and a pure strike from Isla to put it past the keeper! After that the girls tried their best to try and put the game to bed but it wasn’t happening. All the girls put 100% effort in and it was on too the next game. Which we had to wait 40 minutes for which no one was happy about!

Final game was against Portishead (Pink Kit). The girls were out for revenge and eagerness too play after a long wait. We started off more attacking this game as it was the last. We had obviously the best goalie Abbie and in front Susie was the lone defender. Eleanor playing in a central defensive role like a Roy Keane or a more modern player like Declan Rice. We saw Eleanor cover every blade of grass and really winning the ball back for the team. Niamh also came into the same role as the defensive midfield player. Nothing got past her either. At times it looked like we had Paul Ince and Fabino. The quality of the football was superb and the girls played in various positions they haven’t played before and were outstanding. Providing Susie with a lot of protection which she didn’t need. Tom’s new nickname for her the ‘Rock’ as no one and nothing got past her. Playing with loads of confidence especially in defence by herself. Then we had a midfield 3 of Isla, Zoe and Rosie with Lexie leading the pact to our second win of the day! Again this game saw the girls dominate and really pressuring and pinning back the opponents. Firstly, we saw the ball falling from the air Zoe managed to get great contact on the ball and slot it into the back of the net. Couple minutes after we saw Isla get in on the action. A true contributor and in comparison she’s a Bruno Fernandes and she’s in better form! Finally, it’s never right Sophie not getting in on the action. After getting winded she came off had some of Chloe’s amazing squash, composed herself and came back on like a champ. Portishead goalie was in possession which led to Sophie chasing the ball down, leading to a pass that deflected back off Sophie and into the back of the net. Just moments before she was winded. Great anticipation and pressing from Sophie a true number 9. By this point I lost my pen and couldn’t write anymore… but everyone played amazingly well and we are lucky to have a group of girls like this. Probably the best football I have watched in months as a United fan and every Sunday I can’t wait to watch the girls play.

Amazing work today from the girls that came. Hopefully soon we will be at a tournament where everyone can come and we can show that BLUs U10s are not the team that get beaten easily. Big shout out to Lexie playing her first game with us. Especially as I don’t get to see her at Wednesday training now I know why Ellie always raves about her! All the defensive actions and getting back and working hard for the team. Abbie also with 2 clean sheets and amazing distribution which saw us through on goal many times. The immense midfield. And the striking power we have is unbelievable. We will all see you tomorrow at 11:30am at Canford for a 12pm KO!

Written by Jamil Khan (U10s coach).